What is Hobby Horse? Hobbyhorse Racing and Its History

Hobby Horse

A hobby horse is a baby toy horse, especially during the day before the cars are popular. The children played straight horse with a small horse head (wood or stuffed fabric), with wooden hobby horses made of sticks, and possibly attached to one end. The bottom end of the stick was sometimes attached to a small wheel or wheels.

Hobby Horse

Hobby horse activities

Nowadays hobby horses are not only ridden by children, but teenagers and adults. The horse’s horse has become a popular hobby in North Europe, especially Finland. Used horse toy horses are not produced, but fine, the realistic piece of industry is usually completed entirely by hand. Hobbyists give their horse names, reproduce, and give each of the genders and personalities. They compete with hobby horses in the same disciplines as real horses, the most popular disciplines of dress and show jumping.

Type of hobby horse

Hobby horses can be built in different ways. Commonly available types in the UK are classified as follows:

Tournier’s horses are meant to look like someone who is surrounded by a small horse that after a long coat or caprice (such as the knight of touring knights in a tour or tournament, can be seen in medieval imagery). A wrist or violet frame with a skirt hanging below the ground is suspended around their waist, or chest. The frame is an engraved wooden head, often attached to the jaw (operated by a string pull) and on the other hand a tail. “Rider” can wear a cape or other flowing dress to help cover the frame. In the most comprehensive version, the fake foot, which was like Ryder, hanging beside the skirt, although it seems to be the most recent development.

Sieve Horses is a simple version of Turin horse. Only known in Lincolnshire, they are created from a farm driving frame, with head and tail attached, the performer is suspended from the shoulders. The actors wear a horse blanket (that includes a helmet with holes for eyes and ears) and the shiny cover of them.

Mast Horses (or other animals) is meant to represent itself. Their wooden heads are made, or sometimes used in a real horse skull; it is usually hinged jaws that can be snapped. The head is attached to a stick of about 1 meter (3 feet) long. The living creature is covered with cloth attached to its head; He (or, rarely, he) stands forward or heads up, holding the head over the head and resting the other edge of the stick over the ground. A tail can be attached behind the cloth. When clothes are in abundance, such as Wales, as a sheet used by Marie Lewis, the actors can stand, lift their heads in front of the head or head.

All hobby horses are in this category, even in the UK. The famous horoscope of Padstow and Minehead, Day Horse, is suspended only on the shoulder level with the head of the actor; they wear long, tap hat and their faces are masked. Padstow horses have row frames, fairly short, long, straight-necked snapping-jade head; Minehead horses have more boat-shaped, narrow edges, and have no head since about 1880, although they have long, rear tail, about 2.2m (7 ft) long.

Start of the revolution

Elsa believes that she first debuted in 2002 and found out her old hobby horse of her and her friend-colleague Hobbyhorse Revolution star Rosa – who created her mam.

Their primary engagement was to ride the horse – and they did not look back.

He was excited, “When we traveled towards it, the first feeling was just amazing.” “We felt so independent and we liked it, we wanted to continue, and then we found the community.”

Elsa thinks that the first real turning point of the Revolution came 10 years after standing between his mother’s old hobbyhorse.

The competition began to grow in size and with them, the community also did it – this helps Finland as “just the rookie crazy”, as Elsa describes it.

Although older and adolescent girls are not limited to the movement, the movement is influenced by demographics.

For adolescents’ adolescents, the adolescents have to flee from those who try to charge sports for children, although Hobbyhorse Revolution star Alisa Anniomaki explains to APC – this is a fun, new way of play and play for the newborn.

Hobby Horse Racing

Hobbyhorse Ryder straddle a stuffed toy horse on a wooden stick – glued to the eyes and mingle – complete with and competing in front of the judges.

The sport, which includes dress and showmasing, attracted more than 10,000 athletes and followers in Finland only.
The country’s best riders will compete in the annual Hobbyhorse championship for Helsinki next month, and there will be many regional events throughout the year. As a traditional cavalier event, points are rewarded for style and posture.

A Gulf phenomenon has developed around sports, the riders create their horses, give their names and even drop the blanket on them during sleep.

“They keep getting better and better, jumping higher and higher. Coming through new talents.”

The film, which was launched on 23 April in Switzerland, follows a group of girls who are found to be belonging to the Hobbyhorse community and to feel empowered.

It trains them in wood and parks abroad, as well as organizes training and national competitions.

“Compromise and Downs of Life,” a radar, Mariam Nizi, 14. “It’s not the easiest time of my life. But I just have to jump over it.”

Hobbyhorse riders mostly have boys, although 12 and 18 year-old girls are mostly.

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